Monitoring Project - Fish Class




Become a 'Citizen Scientist' and find out what's in your waters!


REEF Monitoring Project 

Attention all snorkelers and SCUBA divers...

Want to know more about the Reef   Monitoring Project and local marine life?     

Join the San Diego Oceans Foundation's FREE identification training program and better understand goes on just beyond the surf zone!


This class is taught by Herb Gruenhagen. Herb is a REEF Level 5 Surveyor, Scientific Diver, and a PADI Divemaster with 2400+ dives and 40+ years of experience!  

Whether you're a fish expert or a new to marine science, this class will leave you with a ton of interesting facts about our underwater world...and it doesn't stop there! Once you've finished this fascinating course, you'll be able to put your newfound knowledge to good use by volunteering and completing underwater surveys of local populations.


The search begins as soon as the diver or snorkeler enters the water. And the goal? To find as many species as possible! At the end of each dive/snorkeling event, volunteers submit a survey with each species found, along with their relative abundance [Single (1), Few (2-10), Many (11-100), Abundant (>100) or ‘Present’]. The information you gain is then entered into a publicly accessible database on Here, data can be used by the general public, fisheries management agencies and may even help in maintaining Marine Protected Areas in Southern California.

Information gathered through this program not only contributes to an international database used by scientists and government agencies but also helps divers better understand their underwater world as well as find great dive spots with lots of life!


Who knows: The information you report could even be used in fisheries studies or the management of Marine Protected Areas!

To RSVP and open yourself up to a whole new world, email Herb today!