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Here comes the end of your search for the finest Scuba Diving Courses in San Diego, CA. Ocean Enterprises is a pre-eminent and largest full-Service Dive-Center for School and Corporate Scuba Diving Programs. It is proud to be the only Center of Scuba Diving San Diego, constituting of 36 PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Certified Instructors and experienced Dive Masters. The qualification of the team members is all enough to train the employees of either a huge company or the group of students of schools near-by. They offer training for the beginners as well as also for the pro-standard divers too. Currently, they are scheduling ‘Be a Diver Pool Sessions’ for the employees and students where they do offer the entire requirements for the courses of Scuba Diving. Ocean Enterprises carry the team of members who are proficient to teach far-reaching PADI Courses along with all stages of PADI Certification and Pro-Level programs.

Come to Ocean Enterprises to Experience the best of Scuba Diving

As Scuba Diving is dwelling as a unique passion and best adventurous activity, every other individual wants to experience the same. As state earlier, Ocean Enterprises – a San Diego dive shop presents you the best courses and programs to make you achieve what you deserve.

Scuba Diving also has an excellent career and moneymaking opportunities. Studies show that, in 2016, Annual remuneration for Commercial Scuba Divers tends to range from $35,000 to $120,000 comprising bonuses. Personalities who were having 0-5 years of experience, earned approximately $50,000, whereas the ones with 10 years of experience earned $ 80,000.

Scuba Diving Courses and Programs

The Ocean Enterprises is a magnificent hub for all the Scuba related services, scuba diving certification and courses. The Center not only constitutes of trained professionals for Scuba Training, but there are also well-qualified staffs for undertaking the services like repair and restore.  Beyond these, you also have the opportunity to purchase all of your Scuba stuff in its branded accessories’ online dive shop. There is a lot more to discuss on what the center still offer. Following description will tell you exactly, what the Ocean Enterprises literally supply for all of its valuable customers in San Diego and of course, all people having a visit over their website.

Our Major Services:

  • Online Dive Shop
  • Scuba Courses
  • Scuba Diving Repair
  • Scuba Diving Rental
  • Scuba Diving Travel
  • Military Sales
  • Scuba Programs
  • Upcoming Events

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