Apeks Limited Edition Black Sapphire RegulatorApeks Limited Edition Black Sapphire Regulator

Apeks Limited Edition Black Sapphire Regulator

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The Black Sapphire is a Limited Edition Anniversary Regulator celebrating 40 years of technical excellence. This regulator is designed, manufactured and built with pride in the UK. This will be an exclusive Limited Edition Regulator which will be limited to 5000 units worldwide.


The Black Sapphire follows on from the success of the Black Pearl that celebrated Apeks’ 30th Anniversary, ten years ago! The Black Pearl became a highly desirable product.


  • Restyled 1st and 2nd stage based upon the XTX200. The Black Sapphire sports a high end, rich look.
  • Metallic front cover for improved cold water performance
  • 5th port with heat exchanger is standard for alternate hose routings
  • Carbon colored flexi hose is standard
  • Flexi hose has a swivel on each end
  • Fully anti-bacterial 2nd stage
  • Two stage progressive purge button
  • Oversized and ergonomic diver controls
  • Supplied with EVA foam case
  • Exclusive Limited Edition – only 5000 units available worldwide!
  • PVD coatings offer extreme protection and high resistance to wear
  • Available in both DIN and Yoke versions



Connections – Yoke and DIN available

Type of first stage – Over-balanced diaphragm design, environmentally sealed

Body Type – One piece forged body

Number of HP ports – 2 (7/16″ UNF)

Number of MP ports – 5 (3/8″ UNF)

Environmental- Dry Kit Standard

First stage exterior – Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Coating

Orientation  – Convertible LH or RH

Coldwater Use – Yes

Type of second stage – Pneumatically balanced

Opening Effort Control Knob – Yes

Integrated Venturi Lever – Yes

Mouthpiece – Comfo-bite™

Exhaust tee – Diver Changeable – comes with 2 sets

Heat Exchanger for freezing resistance – Yes

Hose type – Braided Flexi-hose

Overall work of breathing (WOB) scores – Avg. 0.70 joules/liter

Nitrox compatible – Yes to 40% O2 when new, out of the box / Can be cleaned to 100%


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