Aqualung 6/5/3mm Mens Hooded VestAqualung 6/5/3mm Mens Hooded Vest

Aqualung 6/5/3mm Mens Hooded Vest

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The 6/5/3mm hooded vest is a popular accessory to provide additional warmth to any jumpsuit.  The different thicknesses have been strategically placed for easy donning and doffing as well as properly insulating high heat-loss areas.  

• The hood is 6mm thick with a 4mm skin-in face seal which can be easily trimmed.

• The vest has 5mm front and back panels with 3mm sides for ease of donning and doffing.

• A bubble vent built into teh hood allows trapped exhaust bubbles from the regulator to escape.

• Seams are glued and blindstitched.



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