Lavacore Mens Full SuitLavacore Mens Full Suit

Lavacore Mens Full Suit

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Wear as a stand alone full body exposure suit in warmer waters or as an under suit to a standard neoprene wetsuit for added warmth in the cooler months.

  • Close to the skin, this soft internal fleece combined with high 4-way stretch produces the ultimate comfort / warmth / weight ratio, a true leader amongst artificial/man-made fabrics within the water sports industry. Wet or dry, hot or cold, Polytherm helps control your core temperature longer and when wet maintains neutral buoyancy, crucial to divers and any high activity watersports enthusiast.
  • Due to water weight being eliminated the garment becomes an ultra performance piece of equipment – essential to your body’s needs of maintaining a safe and secure temperature. Whether worn as a stand alone garment, under your wetsuit or even clothing, olytherm is guaranteed to keep you well insulated, flexible, lightweight and free from windchill.
    • Wind-proof middle layer provides anti-wind chill properties and ensures warmth in cold conditions
    • Water resistant outer layer facilitates fast water run-off and quick drying
    • Light weight and 4-way stretch makes Lavacore incredibly comfortable to wear
    • Breathable middle layer allows moisture to be drawn away from the body on the surface
    • Lavacore is neutrally buoyant
    • All seams are overlapped during flatlock sewing to decrease water flow
    • Full gusset incorporated into the underarm to offer exceptional arm movement and stretch
    • Anti-bacterial inner fleece minimizes odor and eliminates bacteria growth
    • Extended material on back to keep vests and shirts from riding up
    • SPF 30+ protection
    • Comperable to a 2.5mm Wetsuit

Exposure Protection: 9/10

Climate Control:  6/10 

Heat Rating: 10/10





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