Thermalution Blue Grade Heated VestThermalution Blue Grade Heated Vest

Thermalution Blue Grade Heated Vest

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Thermalution Blue Grade is the first power heated undersuit that can be worn under wetsuits! It is an intermediate model waterproof to 50m, best suited for divers who wish to dive deeper into the ocean without getting cold!


No one enjoys diving while it’s cold and miserable but drysuits, and all of their accessories and training, can be expensive. If you are feeling getting chilly underwater, Thermalution Blue Grade can fix that! Armed with two lithium polymer batteries, this garment will turn up the heat for up to 120 minutes underwater and there are 3 different temperature levels!


The new Close Proximity Sensor control system allows you to turn on and off your heated vest with a simple tap so that you don’t have to navigate buttons through your gloves.


So easy to use:


In order to optimize the heating performance of the Thermalution, we strongly advise our customers to wear smaller fitted sizes.  Please refer to the size chart below to find the recommended size for you:


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