Rs-811s / Ss-0001 Regulator PackageRs-811s / Ss-0001 Regulator Package

Tusa Rs-811s / Ss-0001 Regulator Package

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The Rs-811s / Ss-0001 Regulator Package features a balanced piston first stage, offered in both yoke and DIN configurations. This compact and reliable balanced piston first stage delivers instant and consistent airflow by way of two H.P. and four L.P. ports. The S-11 second stage features the Advanced Flow System (A.F.S) and a venturi adjustment lever in a compact case design.

> Compact and reliable balanced piston first stage

> Instant delivery of air and high airflow for superior performance

> Two H.P. ports and four L.P. ports

> DIN Available

Second stage (S-11)
> Compact case design

> Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece

> Venturi adjustment lever

> A.F.S. Advanced Flow System


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