Waterproof Men's D10-PRO DrysuitWaterproof Men's D10-PRO Drysuit

Waterproof Men’s D10-PRO Drysuit

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Throughout our 25+ years of Arctic diving, we have found nothing that can match the 3.5mm Special Hi-Dense SD Toughtex neoprene we use for the D10PRO drysuit (except our new D1 Hybrid!). It’s plain Tough. 

We recommend the Octans/WarmTec, Octans HD/WarmTec HD or BodyZor/BodyTec undergarments dependent upon water temperatures. 


  • Laminated SD Toughtex nylon coating on 3.5mm special Hi-Dense neoprene.
  • Anatomic Sculpting – with 3-D sculpted arms and legs the D10PRO provides an anatomical fit designed for ease of movement.
  • Latex Neck and Wrist Seals.
  • Knee Guards – Anatomically shaped, 3-D knee/shin guards for superior protection.
  • Warm Neck Valve – An improved warm neck design with the addition of a double valve for better draining.
  • Two expandable POWER POCKETS on each leg.
  • Seamless design in the under arm and crotch area, where wrinkling can cause excessive wear.
  • Crotch panel in heavy-duty Cordura and crotch strap.
  • Armored Dry Zipper – A heavy-duty zippered Cordura cover protects the self-entry dry zipper.
  • Chill Guard – Under the dry zip, it keeps body heat in and also keeps your undergarments out of the zipper.
  • H1 HAVS hood (included) features a 7mm double layered protection and glide skin seals for the neck and face.
  • Kevlar anatomically cut boots to minimize ankle/calf stress and ensure ultimate strength and flexibility.
  • A Seat that Grips – Polyurethane embossing in the back provides a non-slip grip and integrated abrasion protection.
  • Form Molded Velcro Tabs.
  • Each suit is tested by an overpressure check.
  • A Waterproof 1000 CORDURA bag is standard.
  • SI-TECH Valves – swivelling inlet valve and adjustable automatic outlet valve.




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