Get Scuba Certified and Get Some Gear

Why purchase your gear from Ocean Enterprises?

  • Find a lower price? We'll match it!
  • You get a discount on all gear while being enrolled in an open water course
  • We have a large selection and our staff will help you find the right equipment for YOU. If anything isn't right we will make it right.

Below is a List of Scuba Gear You Will Need

Dive Mask


Your mask is one of the most important parts of your SCUBA equipment setup. A leaking mask can ruin any dive. Get properly fitted by our sales staff. If it doesn't fit right we will find you one that does.

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We have several types of snorkels, from J snorkels to dry snorkels.

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We recommend 5mm boots, but 3mm and 6mm will work too. Ocean Enterprises has several different styles. Invest in a good pair and they are great for walking on rocky beaches and tide pooling between dives.

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You will need SCUBA fins, not body surfing or snorkel fins, normally long fins with an open heal and strap to fit over your boots. Come try spring straps for quick and easy surf entry and exit. Also ask us about the benefit of split fins.

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You'll need to keep those fingers warm and we have a large selection. You want gloves that won't restrict you dexterity, and are easy to take on and off. Let our sales staff help you find the perfect pair and the perfect fit!

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Required Prerequisites & PADI Course Materials

Here is what you will need to assist you in learning to SCUBA dive:
  1. PADI Open Water Crew Pack - The PADI Open Water Crew Pack includes an Open Water Manual, How to use and Choose Dive Computers book, Student Record file, and a Log Book.
    Call (858)565-6054 for Pricing
  2. PADI Open Water DVD - The DVD can be purchased and shared or viewed in the class by appointment only; Monday through Friday between 10am and 5pm. Please note, the DVD is a little less than 4 hours.
    Call (858)565-6054 for Pricing
  3. PIC (Positive Identification Card) - This will become your certification card at the end of the class. You and your instructor will sign it and we will send it into PADI. You will receive your certification card in a few weeks and it never expires!
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  4. Medical Statement - Each Student Is required to fill out a medical statement. If you answer YES to any question you must have it signed by a physician BEFORE your course begins. Contact OE right away with any questions.
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  5. Swim Test - All students will need to complete a swim test of 200 yards as well as a 10 minute float without using a swim aid. For further details please email