Emergency Oxygen Provider Course

Get Your Emergency Oxygen Provider Certification!

Learn how to recognize diving illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen, how to properly set up emergency oxygen equipment and how to administer emergency oxygen. Gain hands on experience so you can be ready to help a fellow diver if the need should arise.

Duration: 1 class

About This Course

Course Name:Emergency Oxygen Provider
Skill Level:Intermediate
Course Price:Call Us! (858) 565-6054

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» What Qualifications Do I Need to Start?
» What Will I Do?
» How Long Will It Take?
» What Will I Need?

What Qualifications Do I Need to Start?

  • Open Water Certification
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What Will I Do?

The course consists of easy to follow directions and covers the following:
  • Oxygen first aid for diving emergencies
  • Understanding Anatomy & Physiology
  • Oxygen and its hazards
  • Benefits of oxygen for diving emergencies
  • Oxygen delivery systems and components
  • Providing oxygen for scuba diving injuries
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How Long Will It Take?

The course can be completed in a single day.
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What Will I Need?

  • PADI Course: Pocket mask and PIC Card
  • DAN Course: DAN provider book