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Dive computers offer an unsurpassed level of accuracy and safety for new and advanced divers alike. With dive computers, one removes the variable of human error in calculating decompression models. Dive computers can replace an entire bulky gauge console with a slim, fully integrated wireless wrist unit. Common features include: air pressure, depth, dive time, temperature, nitrogen saturation, surface intervals, ascent rates, logbook, mixed gas mode and the list goes on. Many popular designs can now be linked to your PC to download your complete dive profile. With integrated and non air integrated models you can select the perfect computer for your exact diving needs. Take a minute and browse our extensive selection of top manufacturer’s equipment and consider some key accessories to get the most out of your new dive computer.

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Retail:  $1,414.80

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Titan Regulator - Quick Connect or Classic Version   Incorporating all the best features of its... More

The Cobalt 2 is the newest release of our new generation of dive computers that are easy to use, easy to read and... More

The Lynx The only computer which combine oled screen and wireless air integration Allows you to... More

The Lynx AI: The Lynx AI - comes with the U-2 Transmitter The only computer which combine oled... More

Retail:  $900.00

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Incredible Color, High Definition Dive • New firmware 4.0 • Hoseless tank pressure... More

Retail:  $730.00

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Another step into the future ... • Full dot matrix display • Upgradeable software • PC... More

Retail:  $470.00

Enjoy the versatility of Puck • Puck computer in an ergonomic console • New gauge display for easy... More

Retail:  $490.00

Enjoy the versatility of Puck ... • Puck computer in an ergonomic console • New gauge display for... More

Retail:  $400.00

Nemo Wide was designed to be easy-to-read, intuitive to use, safe, and reliable. A large size display was one of... More

Retail:  $590.00

Sleek, reliable, ergonomic, and easy to use ... • Integrated pressure gauge and residual air time... More

Retail:  $280.00

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Everything you need, nothing you don’t ... • Slim design for a perfect fit • Large display for... More

Retail:  $1,999.95

POSEIDON M28 DIVE COMPUTER   The world's most powerful dive computer.   The Poseidon M28 Dive... More

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A SOLID ALL-ROUND DIVE COMPUTER   The perfect balance of features, functions and price.  ... More

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ADVANCED DIVE COMPUTING, MAXIMUM VERSATILITY   The perfect dive computer for recreational divers striving... More

COMPACT COMPUTER COMBO   The new ALADIN TEC 3H is targeted to avid recreational divers who want a compact... More