Dive Knives

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3” blade, overall length 6.5” • 304 series stainless steel • High Grade Beta Alloy Titanium... More

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Once again, an exotic material wins the day One of the biggest problems with dive knives is... More

Ergonomically designed to provide the cleanest, sharpest, and most effortless cutting action available.

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• 4 1/2” blade, overall length 9 1/2” • 304 series stainless steel or high grade Beta Alloy... More

Retail:  $45.00

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• Titanium models: 4” blade, overall length 8.25” • Stainless Steel models: 3.75” blade,... More

Retail:  $54.00

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• 5” blade, overall length 9 1/2” • 420 series stainless steel • One piece blade... More

Great tool for diving, camping, boating, fishing and the garage Line cutters are very sharp but extremely safe to... More

The Innovative Scuba Razor Line Cutter is a great little tool that every diver should carry with them. The Razor... More

Retail:  $65.00

• Ergonomic handle • Stainless Steel blade with PVD coating • New fastening system This compact... More

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4.75in, 304 Stainless steel blade with Blunt tip Smooth cutting, lightweight design Very durable and easy... More

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4.75in Titanium alloy Blade with drop tip design Very lightweight and smooth cutting  Durable and easy... More

Retail:  $118.00

Titanium line cutter with multifunction casing, both velcro and webbing. Colours: Titanium with black... More

LOADED WITH CUTTING POWER Traditional full-sized dive knife delivers the goods.   If you're a... More

EXCELLENT GENERAL-PURPOSE DIVE KNIFE Stainless steel blade provides an efficient cutting edge and good... More

A STRONG YET LIGHTWEIGHT DIVE KNIFE Made from hardened titanium, this knife is known for its... More