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The scuba tank, or cylinder, keeps pressurized air contained for the diver to breath. Tanks come in a variety of sizes and composites. From tiny 3 cubic foot "pony bottles" to large twin high pressure steel tanks, some option exists to suit each diving need and diver's physical abilities. Find the tank that’s right for you. Available in aluminum, steel, fiber composite and in yoke or din configuration. Take a minute and browse our extensive selection of top manufacturer's equipment and also consider some key accessories to get the most out of your new scuba tank!

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Built in Italy by Faber Cylinders with 40 years of experience DOT Special Permit #13488 and Transport Canada... More

Retail:  $157.45

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3.0L Aluminum Cylinders The light weight 3.0L aluminum cylinders, keeps your Poseidon Seven Light.... More

Retail:  $320.00

  The smallest portable air source in the world! A complete SCUBA system (regulator, tank... More

Retail:  $340.00

Do you dive with Nitrox? If so this is the SPARE AIR for you. It is the perfect addition to your... More

Retail:  $320.00

THE SPARE AIR PACKAGE FOR DIVERS EVERYWHERE!! The 3.0 Spare Air Package is our most popular model sold. Designed to... More

Includes Deluxe K Valve 3000 PSI Proprietary 6061-T6 alloy, This alloy never requires an eddy-current... More

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Complete your dive kit with a pony bottle, the perfect back up.  Available in mutliple sizes, and comes with a... More

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A selection of Worthington Tanks sizes 50, 72, 80, neutral 80, 100.   Your choice of valves K Valve -... More

Retail:  $460.00

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AltAir RG300 Compact, low profile octopus Easy, high flow purge Built-in attachment clip   90º... More

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Tired of being positively buoy at the end of your dive but love your aluminum 80, want to take a little weight off... More

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  Mil-Spec black PVD finish Standard yoke outlet with spin-out DIN insert converts to 230 bar DIN... More