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As salt water is more dense than fresh, sinking to the sea floor can be a challenge, especially with a thick exposure suit! Dive weights help to counter the buoyant property of the human body and dive gear. Chose from traditional hard weights and belt, to soft weight pouches for integrated BCDs and more. Take a minute and browse our extensive selection of top manufacturer's equipment and also consider some key accessories to get the most out of your new weight system!

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Pre filled ankle weights with velcro adjust band and quick release for more comfort. 5.5lb per pair. More

Soft pouch (Shot Weight) 1,2,3,4,5 lbs using our cordura material.

For use in trimming your balance, these weights are a must for suits with buoyant legs. Especially useful with... More

• Quickly attach 2 pounds to a diver • Snap attachment to cylinder valve, weight belt, BC, etc... •... More

• Add trim weight in the center groove of your backplate • Attach with twin cylinder band bolts •... More

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• Filled with hardened #5 round shot • RynoHyde neoprene cover for durability • Adjustable nylon... More

• Designed for adjusting your trim when using double cylinders • Attach with lower cylinder band bolt... More

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• Fill your own pouches • Opening at top for filling • Double Velcro safety closure • Shot... More