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Quick Release Buckles Automatically adjust to the divers feet Compensates for depth and compression of boot... More

Wherever you go diving you need to have proof of diving experience. Without it you can be left behind on more... More

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The Lazer Stik is a replacement for chemical light sticks and it can be ordered in either a steady-on or flashing... More

The 10’ "Open Ocean" signal tube is what you want to have with you for the highest degree of visual... More

This simple innovation greatly increases the desirability of the traditional mesh drawstring bag. Cary your gear or... More

In the early days of cave diving, reels were not available to buy off the shelf. Divers used anything they could,... More

A slightly finer mesh than our heavy duty drawstring bags but extremely durable! Includes draw-string and tough... More

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These high visibility 45-inch cordura tubes come with “screw down” oral inflator, divers safety whistle... More

Whether you are a new diver or a Dive Instructor, or anywhere in between, you always have the need to write... More

Basic small mesh storage bag. 6.5"x13" Velcor opening.

Ever need a tool on a dive trip and can't find the correct size hex key or wrench for your First-Stage Port Plug or... More

Comes with Oral Inflator, Regulator Inflator Opening, Dump Valve, Safety Whistle and Vinyl Light Stick holder! This... More

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Solid, lightweight aluminum bottle openers are now available in 15 designs! Show your nautical style with these fun... More

Finally, an easy, non-messy way to rinse the inside of your BC. Attach one end of the BC Flush to conventional... More

Tie Wraps! A must for any Save-A-Dive Kit, they can be used for repairs, fastening mouthpieces to regulators, hoses... More