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Use your scuba tank for more than just scuba diving, inflate a car tire, bike tire, and all sorts of other things.... More

Keep your DIN Regulator clean with a DIN cap.  A requirement for every good diver. 

Keep water and other things out of your tanks.  A necessity for keeping your tank clean.

The DIN to Yoke converter will allow a DIN First Stage regulator to be mounted on a cylinder with a standard yoke... More

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$45/Year Membership Includes:     1. Planned Fun Dives     2. Special events and... More

A good signaling device for underwater is as important as on the surface.  With this little diving bell, you... More

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Frequent San Diego Diver? Get an air or Nitrox fill card to save time and money while filling your tanks in our San... More

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Perfect for doing a beach entry.  Hands free and out of the way.   Available in 3 colors: Black... More

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The Perfect way to attach your fins and mask when doing a beach entry.  Just clip your fins in the big loop and... More

Thank you for your donation to the Ocean Enterprises Foundation!  Our 501(c)(3) (EIN #47-0970441) seeks to... More

Lightweight, low volume mask with a wider field of vision Crystal silicone mask skirt for a comfortable fit... More

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Give the diver in your life the ultamate holiday gift... An Ocean Enterprises gift card! Simply select the ammount... More

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Keep your octopus in place with this magnetic octopus holder. Available in 3 colors Black Blue Yellow... More

This compact dive bag wraps up mall and zips closed. Perfect for your mask, snorkel, fins, boot and gloves! ... More

This mini gauge is a fully functional submersible pressure gauge and is ideal for back-up air supplies, hang bottle... More