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The alternate air source, a.k.a. "Octo" serves as a backup second stage regulator unit. Typically brightly colored and easily accessible your octo serves as an integral portion of the dive system. With models ranging from standard regulators, to new power inflator/air source combos that now eliminate an entire hose from your system configuration. Take a minute and browse our extensive selection of top manufacturer's equipment and also consider some key accessories to get the most out of your new regulator!

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The AT20 octopus is smaller and 25% lighter than its T20 predecessor.  This results in less jaw fatigue and... More

The ATX40 octopus is smaller and 25% lighter than its TX predecessor. This results in less jaw fatigue and less... More

Innovative, low profile design minimizes drag. The pneumatically balanced valve provides superior performance for... More

This is the perfect compliment to the Flight regulator. It doesn’t make sense to have the world’s... More

Based on the XTX20 second stage Includes left/right reversibility and the performance you would expect from an... More

Based on the XTX40 second stage Includes left/right reversibility, cold water capability and the performance... More

This octopus is based upon the XTX50 second stage It includes left / right reversibility, cold water... More

The New ABS Octopus combines excellent breathing performance with the benefits of a low profile body style.... More

For you purists that want a QD coupler on your Airsource, we’ve heard your cry. In addition to the current... More

The CORE octopus provides the same great performance as the CORE primary second stage.  Thanks to its highly... More

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Titan Regulator - Quick Connect or Classic Version   Incorporating all the best features of its... More

If your diving requires that you dive the Aqua Lung Glacia regulator, then this is the octopus you need. Just... More

To compliment the Legend regulator family, Aqua Lung created the Legend octopus. This high-visibility, yellow... More

Compact dimensions and low weight blend comfort with a unique diving experience.The Mikron Octopus is... More

A great option for the diver craving the corrision resistance found in titanium, the B2's all titanium demand valve... More